A year passed…

Over more than a one-year period, email conversations that followed the Deputy Director’s initial partially informed issue of “paper councils” ensnared several actors that proceeded with a defamation of character campaign against the District Director, including the State Director.

The defamation campaign against the District Director was proved successful at the District meeting of May 22, 2021 when the Deputy Director deviated from parliamentary procedure when given the floor to present the Deputy Director report. He proceeded to make a motion for which he had no authority. The motion was to remove the District Director from an Executive Session, an authority not given to a Deputy Director on no constitutional or parliamentary basis. The hostile takeover of the District meeting of May 22, 2021 was further enabled by the State Parliamentarian.

In the beginning…

The escalation started with an email misrepresenting the facts about a discussion at a scheduled district board meeting.

Summary of that meeting: A discussion ensued on District meeting on March 7, 2020 on the issue of “paper councils”. The Deputy Director left the meeting before the Board discussed this issue. The discussion centered on the need to address the detriment of “paper councils” as they affect elections. The discussion did not center on terminating inactive councils, rather how the “paper councils” undermine the integrity of elections.  The Board made a decision to table discussion on ensuring the integrity of elections with regard to “paper councils.”