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Felix Alvarado                        

Retired US Air Force Chief Master Sergeant                                                                             Master of Public Administration, Troy University
Veteran, US Army. Staff Sergeant, Vietnam Veteran                                                                Bachelor of Science, Business and Management, University of Maryland
Veteran, US Naval Reserve, Seaman Apprentice                                                                       Administrator Certification, University of Texas at Arlington
                                                                                                                                                         Teacher Certification, University of Texas at Arlington
                                                                                                                                                         AAS, Navigation Systems Technology, Community College of the Air Force

Of all that I have accomplished I am proudest the most of my classroom experience.  Teaching 9th Graders was a lot of fun.  But the sense of anticipation and elation was attending graduation and watching my freshmen graduate from high school.  It was all about motivating students to graduate from high school.  Being an administrator was just plain neverending hard work.  The number one task was handling disciplinary problems.  This usually created the necessity to contact parents.  There were also many parents that came by to speak about their children.  If I got to the school at 7 a.m., there were parents knocking on my door.  If I stayed late there were parents in the office.  If I came in to work on Saturday, there were parents knocking on the door.  I could not turn anyone away.  I spoke so much Spanish that somedays, I would wonder if I had spoken any English at all that day. 

I went to Houston to work at Community Education Partners (CEP) as a Local Community Instructional Leader (LCIL).  All students who were placed in an alternative education program from the Houston ISD were placed at CEP.  What I learned at CEP was that the teachers who told me in my first year of teaching that kids responded well to being treated with respect were correct. 

After CEP I went back to the classroom as a World Geography teacher.  I found out that it takes a while to get back into the rhythm of being a classroom teacher. My education experience started in the military.  In every assignment I had there were always people that needed to be trained to perform their job competently.  I had many challenging assignments in the military but the assignment to the Military Airlift Command (MAC) Inspector General Team was the most challenging.  As an inspector I reported on the ability of Air Force units to accomplish their mission in accordance with Force policies and directives.  I had a concurrent responsibility, training while inspecting.  It was not a matter of saying, "This is wrong", but rather "This is how you do it right".
In the classroom and as an administrator, I always took a global view of education and tried to discover why our students were not performing as well as I thought they could.  I kept my ears open and took notes.  I kept my eyes open and took notes.  For too long we have accepted marginal performance as satisfactory even outstanding.  In every school there are teachers who know what is wrong and how to fix it.  The answers are there.  We just have to let people exercise their creativity and iniative and our schools will be the model, not just for Texas but for the world.   

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