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In the Air Force I started as a navigation systems technician and when I separated I was an aircraft maintenance superintendent. This was a radical change because I transitioned from an avionics superintendent to a flight line maintenance superintendent. In any military service E9 (Chief Master Sergeant, Sergeant Major, Master Chief Petty Officer) is hard to attain. Congress limits the percentage that can serve in this grade. Each service has a competitive method to decide who gets promoted. In the Air Force only one percent (1%) can be E9. The number of Hispanics who are E9 is even lower. The number of Hispanic, who are E9 and have a Master's degree, well you can probably count them with one hand. While I was in the military I took advantage of the educational opportunities available and attained my Bachelor of Science Degree in Business and Management and Master’s degree in Public Administration.
fter I separated from the Air Force, I went back to school to get certified as a teacher and principal. My student teaching was at Dunbar HS in Fort Worth and my first teaching assignment was at Trimble Technical HS also in Fort Worth. After that I was an Assistant Principal at William James MS in Fort Worth. I spent a semester at the alternative education placement center for the Houston Independent School District. Many high school teachers can tell you that they can sense when a child has severe discipline issues. As much as you may want to help these students you are limited in time to be of much more than cursory help.  Unfortunately, most of these children end up being placed in alternative education programs instead of getting the help they need.

These two videos describe my assignment to Dyess AFB better than my explaining what I did.


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